Thank for visiting this blog site. My name is John Gross and I first visited Uganda back in 2001 with a group from Kansas City. That set in motion an annual visit working closely with Pastor Paul Busulwa who is overseer of a large network of churches in Uganda. The fifth year Paul took Travis Kolder, Dale Ritter, and myself to Katogwe in Kamuli district in central Uganda.

I had heard of the general area from my friend Dave Christian who had done some teaching and outreaches near there previously. Dave, his wife Ruth and family had moved to Uganda as a directive from the Lord. Dave had spoken highly of the people living in Kamuli district but even that did not prepare me for what we would experience.

While we were in Katogwe we three men stayed in a 12 x 12 foot Dung Hut. It was tight quarters and was shocked to find out on our last day that we had been honored to stay in Pastor Baliruno Valentine and His wife Eunice’s home. The shock was that they had 2 children and had orphaned children they had taken in as their own. The church that Pastor Valentine was associated with was amazing. We were woke about 4:30 each morning from a daily prayer meeting of about 50 people. It was the most peaceful place, no electricity no running water, but peace beyond anything I had experienced.

All of us began to hear the heart of pastor Valentine and his wife Eunice and their heart for their village and especially the orphans. After some time we begin to wonder if we raised the money for a house for our new found friends what could be done in Jesus name. After discussing with pastor Paul the plans became a reality and building was under construction.

Over the next few years the house was finished and around 8 children besides their birth children were added. The name of Eddy Reber Memorial House was added in dedication to my friend that helped raises finances and passed away of cancer before even getting to visit. His story can be seen in the menu bar. Here are a few pictures of the completed house.

Over the years two very special people have continued to visit and raise support for the work in Katogwe. Barb Decker from Alama Missouri and Sean Hughley of Kansas City Missouri have both traveled multiple times including taking in teams. Barb even took some older children from another children’s home in Entebbe called Abba House. She gave them an opportunity to love on the kids.

Here are a few pictures of Barb and Sean with the kids in Katogwe.

Here are a few pictures of the church in Katogwe

Picture of Pastor Valentine and Eunice with the kids

Eddy Reber House Kids

Pastor Valentine and wife Eunice with the kids

More recent pictures of the kids at Eddy Reber memorial House

I am sad to Say that House of Friend has been officially closed and no longer has the ability to raise funds for the Eddy Reber house.

Here is what continues Paul Busulwa still oversees the work. Pastor Valentine and Eunice still continue the work with very little help.

Barb Decker continues annual visits and Sean Hughley has started a Go-Fund -me project for the kids. Links will be posted below.

I have been praying for a non-profit to help out and thank God that prayer has been answered. I am convinced that God works through relationships. Yesterday I received a call from Pastor Billy Bope of Indiana who offered to help out.

Barb Decker at the closing of House Of Friends partnered with Pastor Billy and their church  who have a ministry called Global Impact Relief their facebook page is below.

I met Pastor Billy in Kampala Uganda in 2001 and have been working together since and is no wonder the Lord is now using his ministry to stand in the Gap. If you would like to give and receive a tax deduction here is the contact information.

Please write checks payable to: Global Impact Relief, 5110 E. 800 South, Monterey IN 46960 (attach a note funds for Eddy Reber Memorial House)

If you do not need the tax deduction then here is the link to the Go-Fund-Me page put and maintained by Sean Hughley. His email is